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Ironton in Bloom is a non-profit organization created to make Ironton, Ohio a wonderful place to live, work, play and visit—a destination community. The success of Ironton in Bloom depends upon active local government participation and support of the business community, civic clubs, churches, arts and garden organizations, veterans and fraternal lodges, and residents of Ironton.

The “IN BLOOM” part of the name refers to much more than floral displays, i.e., hanging baskets. It refers to:

  • Landscaped areas. Landscaping is the creation of spatial areas which incorporate the building(s), ground surfaces, floral displays, and shrubs and trees to create a picture by the owner.
  • Heritage Preservation. It is important for Irontonians to pass on our history to future generations, preserve our century old structures, safeguard our Appalachian culture, and share it with visitors.
  • Tidiness. The control of litter allows our residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of our buildings, parks, and homes without the distractions of paper cups, beer bottles, discarded furniture, etc. The safety and security of our citizens is enhanced by a tidy community.
  • Urban Forestry. Planting trees in appropriate areas provides beauty to the observer, serves as a natural air conditioner and shade provider for our homes, businesses, and recreation areas, and removes carbon dioxide from the air and replaces it with oxygen during the photosynthesis process.
  • Community Involvement. The involvement of all segments of our community to cause Ironton to bloom economically, educationally, physically, socially, morally, politically, and medically creates a healthy life style for its citizens.
  • Environmental Awareness. To educate our citizens to make conscious decisions to recycle our wastes, pick up all litter, maintain clean water supplies, and utilize products that require less energy is a goal of Ironton in Bloom.
  • Turf and Groundcover. Groundcover planted and maintained appropriately adds beauty to the environment, protects the land from erosion and the streams and rivers from harmful run-offs and requires less fertilizer and weed killer.
  • Floral Display. The beautification of entrances to Ironton, downtown streets, residences, public buildings, churches, schools, and businesses promotes a welcoming environment to community members and visitors.

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