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Taxation Profile

Table 1: Local Income Taxation
Location Income Tax Rate
City of Ironton 1%
Village of Coal Grove 1%
Table 2: Ohio Corporate Tax Breakdown
Tax Bracket Tax Rate
Less than or equal to $50,000 5.1%
Greater than $50,000 8.9%
Table 3: Other Ohio and Local Taxes
Tax Tax Rate
Sales and Use Tax 7.0% (Ohio 5.5% + Lawrence County 1.5%)
Property (Real, Personal, Inventory) Tax 33.280% - 46.600% *

* Notes

  • Tax Rates Based on 2008 Tax Period
  • This provides the range within which all Lawrence County property taxes fall. Rates vary within Lawrence County's 33 tax districts.
  • Ohio exempts the first $10,000 value from property taxes.

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