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FAR Links

For your convenience, we provide these quick links to sites at which you can view current Federal Acquisitions Regulations and related information.

Procurement Sites

SOPOC provides links to federal and state procurement websites, providing up-to-date information on upcoming bids.

Procurement Links

*What Steps Do I Need To Take?

The four initial steps:

1. Obtain a DUNS number.
2. Register in SAM and complete your SBA profile.
(Click here for instructions.)
3. Find federal opportunities

*Iraq and Afghanistan

The Afghanistan and Iraq wars generate the need for logistical and infrastructural rebuilding services. We provide guides to regional businesses interested in aiding the military and government, and helping rebuild these ancient centers of civilization.

These files are in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download a free copy at

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Southern Ohio Procurement Outreach Center

The Lawrence Economic Development Corporation Procurement Outreach Center, also known as The Southern Ohio Procurement Outreach Center (SOPOC) is a non-profit Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). The mission of the PTAC program is to provide assistance to small businesses desiring to enter local, state and federal government markets, as a means to support economic development, and to foster the retention and creation of jobs. All services provided by the Southern Ohio PTAC is free of any charges.

"We look forward to serving the needs of your business." -Jordan Lucas, Program Director

Counseling Services

One of the most important services provided by the Southern Ohio Procurement Outreach Center (POC) is counseling. The Procurement Outreach Center can help you:

  • Acquire necessary registration with various government agencies;
  • Develop a marketing plan that identifies government agencies who buy your products and/or services;
  • Identify sub-contracting opportunities that increase your business;
  • Understand and utilize Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Value Added Networks (VANS) that access government contracting information; and,
  • Utilize reference and resource materials.

To register for an event, click the link above.

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