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The Lawrence County Convention and Visitor's Bureau recommends The Lawrence County Register to regional history buffs. Newspaper articles, genealogical information, and public records dating from the early history of Lawrence County make up this wonderfully informative website.

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Lawrence County Area Attractions

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Table 1. Lawrence County Area Attractions.
Attraction Details
Burlington 37 Marker

Burlington 37 Cemetery Marker

The monument stands at the gates of the Burlington 37 Cemetery and was funded in part by individual donations and donated proceeds from a book called “The Promise Land” by Earl Pratt, an Ohio lawyer from Ironton. (The "Burlington 37" were the freed Virginia slaves who founded Burlington, Ohio in the mid-19th century.)
Iron Furnace

Historic Iron Furnaces

Relics of Lawrence County’s vigorous industrial past are scattered throughout the beautiful wooded hills of Hanging Rock Iron Region and Wayne National Forest with scale models of the furnaces located at the Ranger’s District office, State Route 93; also at Ohio University Southern Campus, Ironton, Ohio.
John Campbell Home

John Campbell Home

John Campbell, founder of Ironton, pioneer ironmaster and railroad developer, built this Early Victorian brick in 1850Õs. He was an active abolitionist and aided fugitive slaves by concealing them in two semi-concealed rooms under the hip roof of this home. It has 22 rooms and houses the Community Action Organization.
Lake Vesuvius

Lake Vesuvius

Amid the historic Iron Furnaces throughout Wayne National Forest lies majesty Lake Vesuvius.

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