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Home > Privacy Policy Privacy Policy is your portal to the Greater Lawrence County Area Chamber of Commerce family of sites. This privacy policy covers all websites, including, but not limited to: The Greater Lawrence County Area Chamber of Commerce, Southern Ohio Procurement Outreach Center, The Greater Lawrence County Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Lawrence Economic Development Corporation, and The Point Industrial Park. Any future sites under the domain are covered by this policy.

Non-Registered Visitor's Policies

Non-registered users are any visitor to any of the above mentioned sites who has not created a user account through collects only the IP addresses and access times of non-registered visitors. This information is not of itself personally identifiable, although it is possible to determine identities through cross-referencing the IP addresses with WHOIS or by contacting the Internet Service Provider issuing the IP to its users. We will only do such cross-referencing in cases of site misuse, including but not limited to fraud, unauthroized attempts at access to publicly inaccessible areas of our server, or denial of service attacks.

Registered User's Policies

Registered users are visitors who complete the new user account creation process who may or may not have signed up for membership to the Greater Lawrence County Area Chamber of Commerce. We store any information volunteered by registered users in a database. Unless noted otherwise within the context of our family of sites listed above, we only use this information for providing services to members of our Chamber of Commerce and other institutions. These services may include, but are not limited to, contact regarding upcoming events, listing our Chamber of Commerce and Procurement Outreach Center members, notification regarding upcoming membership dues payments, and website improvements.

Registered users' site usage is not tracked by readily identifiable information, but in the same manner as non-registered visitors, as described in the previous section.

Financial information, such as bank account or credit card numbers, is not stored on our public servers, and is never accessible via our web servers. In the case of new Chamber of Commerce sign-ups or online membership dues payments, all communications are protected by certified Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure safe and secure communication of sensitive information.

Services Not Covered by Policy uses third-party services to provide additional benefits to our members. Any site not under the domain—except sites with alias domains, such as or—abide by their own Privacy Policies, which you are encouraged to read and understand should you use these services.

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