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The Point: Freight Forwarding

Being a centrally located U.S. Intermodal shipping, transportation and Freight Forwarding facility, The Point Industrial Park provides direct access to major transportation routes, both for the United States and global. According to intermodal transportation analysis experts, one 15 river barge tow can ship as much cargo as 225 railcars and 870 semi-trucks. Accordingly, there are huge cost advantages of shipping first by barge, then by rail. Given today’s logistical technology of which much has been developed by our European counterparts in the Rhine River Valley, and given an efficient intermodal handling facilities as proposed by the Point Industrial Park Multi-Modal Project, major transportation cost advantages can be developed for many industries. Industries such as Alternative Energy, auto manufacturing, steel, plastics, chemical and 3PL (Third Party Logistics), each will benefit for the strategic location and direct access to transportation distribution routes.

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