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The Point: Import/Export

The Point Industrial Park, being located on both the Ohio River and the main Norfolk and Southern rail lines, also offers international shipping advantages in that goods can easily be shipped for import or export, overseas to/from either the East Coast or West Coast, providing both customs clearance and customs broker services. The Point multi-modal facility provides an additional key access point into and out of the heart of Ohio via the River System and Heartland Corridor for bulk goods, international shipping containers, 3PL (Third Party Logistics), global importing and exporting with warehousing capacity available. The Point is accessible year round and is free of congestion in contrast to many other urban areas. The Point is the only area where the Heartland Corridor intersects with the Ohio River, thus making it the correct point where containers arriving at Norfolk, VA can be transferred to or from barge and provides river access for Rickenbacker.

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