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The Point: Intermodal

Being an intermodal industrial park, with a friendly business climate for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to steel fabrication to railcar parts and others, The Point provides an affordable industrial site with tax incentives and government assistance for you to start up or expand an existing business. With uncongested intermodal terminals, The Point can make your business more efficient and cost effective.

This site is the first point where the Heartland Corridor intersects with the Ohio River. The Point, bordering the Ohio River, is located at the southernmost tip of Ohio and is a central location in the Tri-State of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The Point Industrial Park’s unique location near Interstate 64 Highway, State Route 23, the Norfolk Southern (National Heartland Corridor), and as a Port on the Ohio River in the Port of Huntington (Busiest Inland Port in the Nation) the Point offers a major enhancement in the flow of goods into and out of the Midwest Region of the United States. Also, one of the most strategic rail lines in Ohio, a double track Norfolk and Southern main-Heartland Corridor, is located on the site, as well as over 8 miles of rail spurs throughout the industrial park, providing for unlimited multi-modal potential.

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